The Sexual To-Do List.

October 5, 2011 at 8:16 pm (Real Life, Sex) (, , , , , , )

I asked folks a question on Twitter about what’s on their sexual to-do list that they fear may never be crossed off. I was curious about those big hopes and dreams and fantasies that might not be achievable, or perceived as achievable. The discussion focused more on the sexual to-do’s themselves, though; achievable or not achievable didn’t really register for some.  Which is okay; it was a fun discussion anyway.

I’ve been thinking the past few days about those things I want to do, and whether any of my current partners would be willing to do them, and why or why not, and whether some of those things are important enough to me to seek out someone who would be willing to fulfill them. It’s a pretty entertaining train of thought, for the most part.

So for the record, and for the sake of my own failing memory, I thought I’d start a blog post for my sexual to-do list. I’ll probably come back and update it periodically, hopefully as things are accomplished, but also as new things occur to me.

I’ll note that the use of the word “sex” could include vaginal penetration or oral sex, giving or receiving, unless otherwise specified.

So, in no particular order, my list includes:

1. MFM threesome with double penetration.

2. Spend one 24-hour period as a slave or a pet. (There are very, very specific requirements around this, but it’s something I’ve entertained in fantasy for about fifteen years.)

3. Give a male partner a handjob in the balcony of Southgate House during a show.

4. Give a male partner a blow job in a parking garage (in or out of a vehicle).

5. Sex in a vehicle going through a car wash.

6. Sex outdoors in snow; in rain; in bright spring sunshine. Preferably all of the above (not at the same time, of course).

7. Participate in filming someone else’s sexual encounter (without being an active participant in the sex itself).

8. Be restrained and blindfolded in a situation where I would not know who was touching me (among a trusted group who understood my boundaries, but still unaware of specifics).

9. Describe a fantasy to a partner and for it to be fulfilled at a later time exactly as described. (I try to share fantasies with partners, but usually they forget about them, aren’t interested in them, or if they try to fulfill them they miss certain important details or make changes so it’s not really what I wanted. Yes, I’m high maintenance.)

10. Be set on fire. (Maybe this isn’t entirely a sex thing, but I have the opportunity to have it done next month and I am super super excited about it.)

11. Watch a male partner have sex with another man.

12. Participate in a porn-watching party/orgy.

13. Be beaten with a riding crop.

14. Have sex with someone I originally had sex with in my 20’s.

15. Meet and have playtime with some of my sexy Twitter friends.

I suppose this list will seem rather tame, to some. But it accurately reflects my current interests and desires. I sit at the milder end of the kink spectrum and I’m okay with that. Which doesn’t mean that, over time, I won’t add some rougher stuff, and there are definitely fantasies that involve rougher stuff, but most either don’t qualify as things I really, really want to do; or they’re things I’ve done already but continue to enjoy in fantasy.

What’s on your list?



  1. Curvaceous Dee said,

    I had such an amazing time masturbating in the car wash yesterday (and photographing myself in the process). It was an incredible experience. Next stop: oral in a car wash…

    xx Dee

  2. Charles Moore (@Charles_A_Moore) said,

    Damn. I love your list.
    I’m in a fairly conservative relationship (okay, very). So many of the things here could never happen for me, but I see a lot of overlap!

    I’m not sure I’m comfortable enough with myself to go for an MFM or an FMF threesome. Part of me thinks it would be truly awesome. Part of me thinks it would be incredibly awkward and cause jealousy, etc. issues.

    I’m not opposed to being a slave/pet, but I’ve no real desire for it. Or to be one. I’ve not ever tried BDSM beyond very light spanking.

    Receiving #3 and #4 would be… amazing. Reciprocating as well! #5 sounds awkward, but I’d try it.

    I think snow might be too cold. But rain and sun!? Sure!

    I’d _love_ to film someone else’s sexual encounter. Whether it’s someone masturbating herself, or two women, or MF or whatever, it would be a HUGE turn-on. I’m very much a voyeur.

    #8 would be fun from either side of the blindfold. If restrained, my only dislike would be that I like to watch and to touch. Not a show-stopper, though.

    I’ve no desire to watch a man have sex with another man. But I do enjoy FF.

    The closest I’ve ever come to a porn-watching event was watching Basic Instinct with a bunch of friends in high school. Not true porn, but pretty risque. I enjoyed that. I’d certainly enjoy doing something like that again. Though I find most porn so laughable, it’d be hard (ahem, no pun intended) to watch it without laughing or making it a snark-fest.

  3. BlueSportsCar said,

    Great list! Very fun post to read (and think about….)

    -Have always entertained the fantasy of lining up 2 girls on their hands and knees, and doing them both from behind, switching between them frequently.
    Or even better, join another guy or two in this, and have 4-6 girls participate simultaneously. Go right down the line…

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