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The last time I went to bed with a significantly younger man was before I met my husband, so a little over five years ago. I was going through my last great wild phase, taking pretty much any offer. I’d ended a long distance relationship that had been keeping me in misery, but the misery hadn’t left me yet.

But I digress.

He sent me a picture of him standing front of one of the Egyptian pyramids. He was in college, a big name school, but I’ve forgotten which one. I think he may have been 22 or so. I was 34. He was honest about seeking a fling with an older woman. When I asked him why, he said his friends were becoming sexually adventurous and having fun little affairs, so he thought he should, too. Fair enough.

He was pretty – really strikingly attactive, and not the kind of boy who would have had the slightest amount of interest in me if we had been the same age. He smiled a lot and talked to me about college, his parents, his sumer internship, when we met in the coffeeshop around the corner from my apartment. He was also clearly waiting for a signal from me that I would be taking him home, and finally just asked outright. Why not?

I didnt expect one so young to have so much body hair – he was lusciously furry. But he wanted to be in control and didn’t give me much of an opportunity to explore or even look at him. His kisses were sloppy and wet. He had no idea where my clit was located, and just wiggled his fingers around between my lips like he was fishing for a lost screw. He kept smiling, and sometimes giggled. He didnt last long. As he lay beside me for a few moments, I could almost see him sorting through the experience and working it into a story to tell his friends.

This is the first time I’ve told his story. I wonder how many times he has told it.


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  1. Kendra Holliday said,

    Yay I love hairy men!

    Always fascinating to find out what a person kisses like, smells like, their quirks… the last young guy I was with (he was 24, I was 38) was not a very good experience. He got a lot of his moves from watching porn. 😦

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