The lawyer.

April 2, 2011 at 5:16 pm (Sex) ()

We would meet halfway between our respective offices, and walk together to his car. He would try to lure me into discussion about what we would shortly be doing; he’d question me, he’d flirt with me, but nothing would work. I knew he loved my steadfast refusal to say or do anything at all untoward in public. I was happy to let the anticipation build that way.

Once we arrived at my home, we went straight to the bedroom, and the demure, reticent shell was cracked wide open. With barely a touch I’d be out of my clothes, putting whatever part he wanted in easy reach. I’d stretch along the edge of the bed, sucking and fondling him; with one hand alternating between my nipples and the other probing into the sweet, wet folds below, he’d start mumbling and crooning to me in that slightly, oddly high pitched voice: “I’ll make you come, just wait… I’ll make you come and then you’ll ask me to come back again…” And once, finally, he did make me come, folding up and blooming out, his cock forgotten in my hand.

I didn’t ask him to come back again.


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