Scent memory.

March 27, 2011 at 10:04 am (Sex) ()

I remember, many years ago, coming home from work one afternoon and discovering the distinctive scent of my current lover in my bed. I hadn’t seen him for more than a week, so it was very unlikely that his scent had lingered that long and remained that strong. He did have a key to my apartment, so the logical assumption was that he’d been there at some point during the day and had been in my bed. I didn’t care why – it was a turn-on to smell him without his actual physical presence.

Scent has always carried strong memories and emotional associations for me. I keep certain fragrances around specifically to evoke particular sensual memories. Crabtree & Evelyn had a (now discontinued) fragrance called Spring Rain, and my very first lover burned the incense version in her bedroom the night she seduced me. It brings me back to a small attic bedroom with a mattress on the floor, and a lusciously curvy girl removing her clothes while firmly yet kindly informing a very naive me of what was about to happen. I have two remaining incense cones of the same fragrance that I will never burn.

I also have a small bottle of bubble bath in a unique clove & rose scent that I’ve never found anywhere else. It was a hotel product, saved from the room I shared for three days in Portland with the man who collared me. (I’ve never been able to call him my master. More on that some other time.) I uncork that tiny bottle and I’m back in a two-seat jacuzzi bathtub, slipping underwater while he fucked me, again, after swearing he was done with me for that day.


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